More Grocery Trips Could Save You Money

Less Bulk Buying

If you haven't analyzed your latest grocery receipt, then it may be time to do just that. Before I made some drastic changes, I was spending $40-$70 every 2 weeks on groceries for myself. I was in the habit of bulk buying, which at the time, I thought was a great idea. That was until I was always finding myself on a knee with the refrigerator door wide open and the garbage can ready for a few slam dunks.

I realized that I was throwing away too much food, even though I always tried to make meals with all the food before they became 'dead'. It was always going to happen. No matter how many different types of meals I tried to create, the leftover sour cream, the extra lemon, or the last three pieces of sandwich meat would always go bad. That's when I changed up my habits and began to shop more often.

More Trips Less Waste

It might seem counter intuitive that more trips equals less waste and more money in your pocket, but bear with me. I was going to the grocery store around twice a month before I made the switch. Once I changed my mindset, I found that I was going to the store at least once or twice a week, so about 4 times as much as I was before. But through all of that, I found that with every trip I made, I was spending a lot less for my baskets than I was spending on my carts.

My average trips now total on average around $15. Before, I was spending roughly $27 a week. That's a monthly savings of $48 BIG ONES!!! Not only was I saving money, but I found that I was throwing out only a little bit of food, if any.

I began with only buying what I needed for the meal(s) of the week. By knowing what you'll be cooking and only buying those groceries, it becomes a lot harder for you to purchase extra 'waste'. No more thinking to yourself "Uh? Is there any more garlic at the apartment? Eh, grab it just in case." Also, you will become much more familiar with the exact quantities for your meals, compared to when you were buying cart full of groceries and hoping to use them all.

Another great side effect of this switch in behavior, is that you have less options in foods, forcing you finish up those last pieces of bread before you have to head back to the store. It's the perfect easy change one can start today.

Green Foot Print

You can keep this new habit GREEN by making sure these added trips are incorporated with your current daily commutes. Whether on your way home from work or after you stop at the gym, add these visits so that they coincide with what you are already doing. Not only will you save on gas, but it'll also save you on a little extra time. You know we all could use a little more of that.


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