College Textbooks Shouldn't Cost an Arm and a Leg

Spend Nothing Before You Spend A Lot

If you're still in college or possibly looking to go back and attend Grad School, make sure you go in with the right
mindset and prevent yourself from paying so much on college text books.

At one point or another, we have all purchased a college text book. If we haven't, then when know of someone who has or at least of the horror stories that are associated with them. College text books are ridiculously expensive.

Why are text books or required readings so expensive, even years after they have been released? That is an economics question we can answer at another time. But check out these 5 steps first, before you go out and pay full price for a book you might not even open up.

5 Opportunities to Save on Text Books

  1. College Library: Now this one goes with the saying "the early bird gets the worm". Right when you get your class syllabus, check your college library to see if they have your textbook in stock. Chances are, they will carry it. The only thing that gets you from spending $0 on a text book for the semester versus coughing up dough, is how fast you are to beat others with the same mindset as yours.
  2. Public Library: This parallels step one. If you lost the race at the college library, check out the local town library. Maybe they will carry it, but chances are less likely.
  3. Use Chegg just like you would a library. You go in and 'check out' a book for a certain time period. Only major difference is, is that you are renting the book. So this means you have to return it to the company in the same condition you got it. Although it does cost you money, it is a lot less expensive than buying them from your local book store and then selling them at the end of the year. This is because we all know your school/local bookstores will give you pennies on the dollar for that exchange.
  4. Craigslist: Want to pay a marginal amount but be able to keep your books? Then check out Craigslist. Chances are there are students who have taken that class the semester before and hated the quotes they got from the school bookstore. You get to keep the books yourselves and write in them all you want. For actually purchasing the books, this may be your best bet as you can negotiate the costs, because just like you, they are also eating Ramen every night.
  5. Amazon: Worst case scenario, get them from Amazon. Because of it's status of being an economic free market, people will compete for the best prices just to sell to you. It's basically the same as Craigslist but with a much higher standard of customer satisfaction and the fact that there's no negotiating.


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