Use This Method to Save BIG on Hotels

There are a lot of times where we have to spend money on events, occasions, or whatever it may be, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to ALWAYS PAY FULL PRICE. There is going to be a time (or not if you’re lucky) where you will have to order a hotel room for a wedding or go out to dinner for your girlfriend’s best friend’s sister. It’s inevitable in our social lives. So how do we make the most of it by saving the most from it?

I recently had to book a hotel and was shopping around the basic avenues for locking down a room. First I searched online all of the hotels around the vicinity of where I needed to be. Once I found a hotel within my price range, I went to the hotel’s website and checked out the rates. They were alright, but nothing special. They offered it at $148 (room + taxes & fees). Since they didn’t offer any codes online for this hotel, I decided to check the other websites out there that specialize on renting out hotel rooms. These are your typical Expedia,, Orbitz.

They had much better prices. They floated around $120 (room + taxes & fees), although this was still a little too rich for my blood.

Gotta Get That Groupon

Next stop Groupon. I’ve known about this company, but I usually overlook them for some reason. Their deal beat the $120 but there was an added bonus. First time users are allowed to use the code: WELCOME for an additional 25% off.

All in all, my hotel room which should have costed me $148 came to a whopping total of only $91. That’s an extra $57 in my pocket, simply by spending 5 minutes looking around.

The best thing about Groupon and sites similar to it, is that they do the same thing with eating out, messages, shopping, events and a lot of other things. So before you decide to click and purchase whatever it is you are going to buy, make sure to do a quick search and see if there’s any money to be saved.


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