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The Only Way to Drink Productively

 Best Beverage Holder for the Productive Soul or the Average Boozer

The only reason why I write this post, is simply due to the fact that I am now an avid advocate for the brand YETI. 

It was through the building of getting2zero where I began to consume coffee as my drink of choice to help through the long hours of the night. Coffee has now replaced the always enjoyable IPA, however both are still on my à la carte list.


I managed to snag up a YETI tumbler and began using it while I was working through the night. And let me say that this product is amazing. Four hours later, and my coffee is still at a great temperature. Productivity +100 points.

Not only does it work for hot coffees, but it is great for cold beverages as well. I've dropped a couple ice cubes in it the night before, and to my surprise at lunch the next day, they were still floating around.

Just My 2 Cents

See it as you want, but I felt like this was just something worth sharing. Maybe YETI will stumble across this page and like what they see. Who knows? What I do know is, is that whether your looking to crush a couple hours of work
or crush a couple more brewskis, a YETI tumbler is always there to help.




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