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Recently, I was visiting family in Europe for the holidays. As we went along our adventures, one week we decided to check out a place my brother was raving about. He was telling me that the prices were crazy low and that the place was huge. So being who I am, I was excited to score some new gear at some good prices.

Little did I know, as we walked into the store, it was apparent to see why the place was jam packed with people. Prices were ridiculously low and were(for the most part) always in full dollar integers (ex $4, not $3.99). This made it easy to tally up your total as you shopped. But even better than the simplicity of keeping track of your prices, was the prices themselves. You could get a nice V-neck sweater for $5, or a new beanie for $3. I scored a solid blue zip-up jacket for only $12.

After my cart was filled and I cashed out, I was amazed to see that my new wardrobe only cost me $48. Pretty solid if you ask me; especially for all the stuff I got.

Where Is This Pot-o-Gold?

So what is this mystery place? It a popular and growing retail outlet known as PRIMARK. They are originally from Dublin, Ireland. They quickly popped up all throughout Europe like dandelions and now they have made their way over to the USA. There are only a few stores currently in the NE region, but I am sure they will cover the US sooner than later.

So if you have an extra $50 to beef up your closet, I recommend seeing if there is a PRIMARK near you. You’ll definitely be as surprised as I was, and I’ll bet that you’ll walk out with more than you expected. Enjoy.



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