Tips on Tipping

Are We Doing It Right?

Here’s just a thought that crossed my mind on a recent trip. It’s something that we do far more often than not.


In the U.S., we are a society that find tipping to be a commonality in the service industry. Unlike other countries, tipping is encouraged and somewhat expected. Whether you are out enjoying a meal, grabbing a Sunday drink, or staying at a hotel there is going to be a time where tipping will present itself.

So what is the best rule? Is there one?

I’m not sure there are many rules out there, but I found that my method has kept me steady and tipping has never been an issue. And for me, I believe that tipping should be consistent all throughout (given service is consistent & good).



I’ve always been a ‘rough’ 20 percenter. What I mean by that, is that I’ll always double my bill, move the decimal over, and jot down to the nearest dollar. Here’s what I mean:

Bill - $13.87

I then multiple that by 2 - $27.74

Then I pop the decimal over - $2.77.

At the end of it, I’ll either round it up or down. So in this case, I’ll tip $3.


It’s quick and simple. What this does is help keep consistency throughout all of my tipping. It will become second nature and won’t weigh heavy on my mind. It’ll be one and done and I can move on with my life. Using the mentality of being a consistent percentage tipper has it’s added getting2zero benefits. If you know that you are always a 20% tipper when you look at the menu, it could influence your meal choice to choose a less expensive plate. Knowing that you’ll have to tip $6 on a $30 meal may prompt you to choose the $3 tip on a $15 meal. It’s never a definite thing, but it does help in the psychology of getting2zero, or at least it has for me.

Also, if the service is trash I’ll drop it down to 10%, but I rarely get bothered by service (everyone has a bad day right?).


Quick Math Tips:


10% Tip  -->  Just move the decimal over one spot. $23.13 = $2..31


15% Tip  -->  This is the same as the 10% tip, but then you just add another half of your tip amount. $23.13 = ($2.31 + $1.15) = $3.46


Hotels, Bell Hops, Valet, Taxis and Everything Else:

I don’t really venture out and use these services, but when I do I keep the same tipping mentality. What I do is set a hard flat rate, rather than a percentage simply because it’s cash-to-hand transactions for the most part. So figure out your number. It can be $1-$20. It’s all up to you.

I don’t recall where I heard this, but there’s a great tipping idea that will have your services remember you for a long time. You will need to go to your banking institution for this one.

Anytime you tip in hard cash, always tip in $2 bills. Yup that’s it. Silly right? But how often do you see a $2 bill, let alone spend one? So when you do tip your service person, they’ll be just as surprised and will remember you for giving them this ‘rare’ currency.



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