It Is Something So Simple That It'll Pay Dividends Later

Effort vs. Reward

Now I’m not saying that you have to go out and perform this action now (or ever), but I would like you to think about it for a quick second as I have. After reading some articles online and through some of my social media accounts, I began to think of why people ‘follow’ ‘subscribe’ or even just search for content and then it hit me. It was so simple and interesting to see how something as small as clicking ‘subscribe’ can benefit your life so much.

Let me ask you this, “Have you heard of FOMO?”. It stands for ‘Fear of Missing Out’. Whether you believe in that stuff or not, there is some substance to it. Let me explain.

There is so much happening in the world today that you will not be a part of. Whether it’s something as small as hanging out with your friends or something as big as a march in the city, you are going to miss out on the opportunity. But would you be okay with missing out on events like these as long as you knew they were happening?

If you didn’t know they were happening and found out after the fact, you would feel sort of left out or like you may have experienced FOMO. It’s a natural feeling. You want to be able to make the choice on whether or not these things matter to you.


God forbid they were giving free Chipotle away for a day and you had no idea, until it was too late. The agony!


So that’s when I began thinking about the weight of clicking that button and what it would mean in my life.


If It’s Adding to My Life, I Look Into It

Thanks to subscribing and following certain interests in my life, I am now able to continue to grow. How would I have ever known how to make my new favorite meal Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo if it wasn’t for following Tasty. Or what about knowing the next big move from Tesla so I can look into investing into them sooner rather than later and making a killing.

These pieces of information popped up on my news feeds and it was worth me looking into them. Following and subscribing allowed me to make a 38.6% gain on investing in Sprint (NYSE: S ). I was able to increase the value of my money through a Sprint investment simply because of an article that sparked my interest and that article popped up only because I was following them online.


It was that easy.


The best part of this concept is that if it’s not important to you, you can simply scroll past any post. If it didn’t grab your interest, then no harm no fowl (besides the millisecond it took for you to look at it).


Only Way to Not Miss Out Is to Click It

Whatever social media platform you use, I would suggest ‘following’, ‘subscribing’, and ‘liking’ anything that grabs your interest. You lose nothing from it, but you definitely could gain something from it.

As long as these interests pop up on your ‘news feed’, you have the ability to weigh on whether or not they are important enough for you to look into the post a little more. By following, you now have the opportunity to make the decision, rather than never having the opportunity if you didn’t.

I believe it is better to have more information than is needed, than to not have any information at all.

Take any owner’s manual that you may have had. I am more than happy to open up that manual and find the information I need to fix my problem, rather than not have any info and try to fix it on my own. I mean, I dare you to try to put any IKEA product together.


So What About getting2zero?

So all that being said, I would recommend considering following getting2zero to help you get to zero. I will continue to put out content that I believe is only in your best interest. The last thing I want to do is become an annoyance on your news feed and put out content that turns you off from becoming debt free and free in general.

If you do decide to take the second and click ‘like’ on Facebook, or ‘subscribe’ on YouTube, or ‘follow’ on Instagram, you will be adding value to your life and I will continue to try to supply it. It won’t be as much as some of these other interest you may follow, but what getting2zero will lack in quantity, I will make sure it definitely brings in the quality of the information.


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