The Greatest Investment In the World Is Staring You In the Mirror

Growth Between Your Ears

Every day, every hour, and every second should be an investment in yourself. You should do as much as you can to invest in yourself and allow yourself to grow. It can be anything from reading a book, taking a trip, or working on your finances just like you are. We only have one life, so investing in yourself and making the most of it is what we we're meant to do.

We should be getting the most out of our lives and ensure we are enjoying it to the max, otherwise we are just wasting the time we have here. Also, just like every investment, investing in yourself creates more opportunity for you to be financially free and wealthy.


Knowledge Is Power

Everyone knows the saying “Knowledge Is Power”. I didn’t respect this phrase until I saw it in action. I was never a big reader growing up. So when I started reading for enjoyment and began to see how powerful my new knowledge was, I finally understood what that saying meant and how true it is. I began investing in myself and now I am on a path that I wouldn’t have gotten to without it. It is through my personal investments that getting2zero was created and I don’t plan on stopping. You can see this mantra within some of the most successful people in the world. Take Warren Buffett for example: one of the richest people in the world. He contributes his success to reading every day. It’s no wonder why he knows exactly what to invest in and when. He knows how the world will react due to his knowledge of how we’ve acted already throughout history.

He would be a prime example of how investing in yourself can payout in a big way. You never really see dumb people being rich do you?


Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Investing in yourself shouldn’t be this huge endeavor. You can start small and honestly, I highly recommend it. Taking on too much all at once has never proven to be a successful strategy. I’ve never seen a guy bench 250lbs his first time. That would be trouble for most people, but I have seen a guy start with 80lbs and moved his way up to more than 250lbs after months of training (Who’s got 2 thumbs, and also did it? This guy!).

Starting small makes the endgame much more easily attainable. You don’t want to get discouraged right off the bat. I remember setting a New Year’s resolution one year to read a total of 3 books throughout the year. Being a guy who hates reading (and I mean HATE with capital letters), I thought that this was solid attainable goal.

Come December, I found that I was only halfway through my second book. Crappy right? Not really. Yeah I didn’t hit my goal of 3 books in the year, but I created something more powerful and impactful in my life. I created a new interest. That next year, I read 7 or 8 books. There was no goal or New Year’s resolution on this new set of books. I just simply sparked an interest in my life and enjoyed reading now. I took the time to invest in myself and it has paid off tenfold.

What seemed like a small investment at the time turned out to be a huge investment for myself. I mean, I’m now writing on my own website and I’ve written my own book. If that’s not an example of investing in yourself then I don’t know what is.


So What Can You Do?

You can do whatever you want. Go out and do something new, anything new. Go challenge yourself. It is with these challenges that you are creating growth within yourself in some form or another. Like I said earlier, just start small. You have nothing to lose.


Here are some ideas that I can think of that may help you think of others:

  • Read a book.....or 10 books
  • Run a mile
  • Create a side hustle
  • Make a new friend this week, or give out a couple compliments
  • Take a cooking class or any class
  • Pick up an instrument
  • Heck, start a blog (feel free to mention getting2zero)


These are just examples, but don't let them limit you. You can do anything. Just take that step and invest. You won’t regret it.



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