Know What You’re Worth All In One Spot


All My Numbers on One Screen

Here is something that I recently discovered and could not be more excited about. Through one of my financial banking institutions, I am able to setup a dashboard with all of my investments, savings accounts, debts, and retirement accounts on one simple screen. This institution offers a portal that links up to all of my accounts so that I can see the status of every account all on one screen.

How awesome is that? I can see all of my net worth all in one place, without having to log on to all the different websites.


Through this portal, I am able to see:

  • the balance in all of my savings accounts
  • how much money is in my checking account
  • what my 401K’s are at
  • what my current stock portfolio is value at
  • the total amount I owe on my credit cards
  • the value of my property or real estate investments (don’t have those yet, but soon)
  • and many other things


By using this portal, I can keep my finger on the pulse throughout all of my financial aspects in life. Not only does it show the values of my accounts and my net worth, but the functionality of the dashboard allows me to create budgets, forecast my financial position, and track my spending habits. Not only is it easy, but it is very interactive through charts and graphs.


It is a very powerful tool.


Find Your Portal

If you don’t currently have this feature, I would recommend searching around for a reputable & safe provider that does. After setting up all my accounts and using this dashboard, I can’t imagine going back to the ways of logging into every account. It just made life that much easier.



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