A Little Trick to Get Cash Back When You Forget to Scan

The Internet Does Wonders

If you haven't started using cash back apps yet, it's not too late. You can always jump on and start earning money back for the things you buys weekly. With these apps, all you have to do is take pictures of your receipts, click a few buttons and money is added to your account. There's not much too them. Companies want your receipts because they turn that data around and sell it back to the manufacturers who make the products. It's a simple concept that makes sense in the marketing world.

There are multiple apps out there that work wonders, but my favorite 3 (in order) that I use are: Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Receipt Hog.

Ibotta: This is a simple app that you can use that easily racks up the dough. Feel free to use this referral code: VNHPBSS and you'll score $10 right off the bat when you redeem your first rebate. This is exactly how I started and it put me halfway to claiming my first $20 check.

Checkout 51: This app is very similar to Ibotta, but it is just a different company looking for the same things. It offers pretty much the same things as Ibotta which is great, as you can 'double dip' on a single receipt. Chaching!!

Receipt Hog: All receipts can be uploaded to this app. Any receipt that you get can add points to your account and once you reach 1,000 points, they'll send you Amazon gift cards. Just like the other two, just keep using the same receipts plus any receipts you can conjure up: restaurants, gas, etc.



The Trick I Used, Otherwise I Would Have Been Out of $10

With these apps, there are times where you have to not only scan the receipt but you have to scan the bar code of the product itself. I used the Ibotta app over the weekend and purchased some ShockTop beers for a nice Memorial Day Weekend BBQ. I meant to scan my receipt and the box bar code after we got back to store store, but completely forgot. The celebrations made it's way to the front of the to-do list.

After a great weekend, I made it back home and was scanning my receipts to claim my rewards. Mid-way through, I realized that I didn't have the bar codes to claim my cash back. You could imagine my frustration to know that I just lost out on $10. I had no bar codes in sight and was mad at myself for forgetting.

But then the light bulb went off!!!

I remembered that there was a website I found at work that had most of the bar codes for all the products in the U.S. It is called upcitemdb.com.

I scanned my receipts and looked up the products online and BOOM! It worked. Even though I didn't have the products in hand, the app recognized the bar codes from my computer screen. Hello cash back! Rather than just tossing the receipts in the trash because I no longer had the bar codes, I took a $10 loss and turned it into a $10 gain.

If you are using these apps and you forget to scan the products before you throw them out, no worries. You now have this in your arsenal. Try it out and share it.




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