This One Thing On the Menu Will Show How Expensive the Place Is

The Burger Test

Living outside of Boston has proved to be a little more challenging on finding affordable places to eat. I'm not saying it is impossible but if you are on your path of getting2zero,  then you know that your money is more valuable in your hands than in someone else's.

So here's a tip that I use to quickly judge a restaurant to see how much the place is going to cost. It's call the Burger Test.

What you do is first create your threshold burger cost. You can do this by going to a couple of your favorite restaurants and checking out their menus. Scope out their standard burger or cheeseburger meal and see what the cost is. Whether it's an $8 burger or a $12 burger, this is now your 'Base Burger'.

Burgers for the most part aren't that different. Yeah they might have some different toppings or some extravagant seasonings, but restaurants will usually have a classic burger that everyone loves.

This is the key to the trick.

So if you can afford your favorite restaurants and your Base Burger costs you $10, you'll want to find places that have them priced similarly. You see a place with a burger hitting $15, then you know that your bill could average 50% more than what you're used to paying.

It's as simple as that.

Try it out and let us know how it goes. It's worked for me and has always kept me from spending too much when eating out.


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