Virgin Mobile USA Offers a Year of Unlimited Service for $1 Only


Unlimited Talk, Text and Web for Only $1

Virgin Mobile USA has a hot deal out right now that can save you hundreds if not thousands in cash. They are currently offering a year's worth of service for only a $1. This offer is up for new customers that purchase an iPhone from their website and transfer their current cell phone number to the new phone. All of the details can be found directly on their website here.

Here's some quick math:

If you're paying $60+ dollar a month on your current plan, this could save you anywhere from $700-$1200 for the year. Depending on what iPhone you are looking to buy, you can still save a few hundred dollars.

The reason they are doing this is due to the ongoing battle over cell phone carriers stealing market share. They are trying to get the most people to join their plans and are targeting their current competitors. What this means for you, is that you win by keeping more $$$ in your pocket and getting better value out of your phone.


Strong Phone Plan Overall

After your year of service, you can continue your coverage for only $50/month. That's a solid deal for unlimited no matter where you look. The only requirement to attain this $50/month deal is to have your account setup to auto-pay your bill. This doesn't mean you are in a contract. It just means that if you don't pay, they'll just shut off your service, so no harm no foul and especially, no terrible 2 year contracts.

getting2zero is all about not being tied down and this cell phone plan is one of the best out there.


Last Callouts

This deal isn't going to last long. Make sure to check out the Virgin Mobile USA website for all the details, but if you're looking to switch up your phone plan, this is a solid way to do it.

Lastly, always make sure to check the websites coverage program. I will admit that service in urban environments is usually LTE, but once you start venturing out into the woods it does get a little spotty. Not a bad trade off for a few hund-o in you pocket though.


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