For a Guy That Hated Reading, This One Got Me Going


The Book That Got Me Thinking

For a guy who hated reading from the very beginning, it was difficult for me to pick it up again. I couldn't understand why people read. It never made sense to me. So if you're like me and the many other Americans out there that disliked reading, it may not be too late for you.

The issue isn't reading in general. The issue is finding the right material and subjects to read.

Too many times I have opened up a book in school, only to read a chapter and completely forget what my eyes just scrolled over. For those of you that have never experienced this (lucky bastards), it is like when you're on a long drive, you have the music going, you're just following the road and then you come to a realization that you 'zoned' out and don't remember what you just drove past for the past few minutes. Unlike driving in a car where you've completed those few minutes of driving, when you're reading you have to go back and do it again. It was a struggle...until I found the RIGHT book.

It wasn't until I found The Millionaire Next Door.

This was the book that got to enjoy reading and kick-started my path to getting2zero.


Changed My Mindset and Made the Goal Attainable

This book changed my whole perspective on what I truly wanted in life. Yeah, the book talked about the millionaires throughout the U.S. and how they got there, but more importantly, it shows a different angle when thinking about what a millionaire really is.

It was with this change in perception that got me thinking about my own personal financial position. It made me think that I was living a fantasy. I was living a lifestyle of luxury (of which I couldn't afford), rather than living the lifestyle that was reality and building a lifestyle towards true luxury.

The Millionaire Next Door has always been a top seller and will be for generations to come. If there was one book (other than getting2zero: Debt Free with a College Degree) that I would recommend, it would be this one. If you are looking to start your path to financial freedom, The Millionaire Next Door will help in garnering the right mindset to get you there.





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