It's Not Only Your Degree That Matters But Also This Little Piece of Plastic


Keep That Student ID

If you haven't lost it already and still have your 2nd, 3rd or 4th copy, keep it. Your student ID can still come in handy when going about your daily routines. Believe it or not, there are thousands of stores and establishments out there that provide student discounts.

Even though you may have graduated years back, asking if there's a student discount and flashing that perfect picture of you can keep some money in your pocket. It could be a 5%-20% discount, but that's 5%-20% of money that you can put towards your debt. Every penny helps.

So what if you look nothing like your picture? For the most part, all they want to see is the title of a school you 'go to'. Whether is says College, University or whatever, they just see that and give you the discount. I highly doubt they'll pull a Sherlock Holmes and question you on if you still attend. If they do, just say you're finishing your last year of grad school.


It Worked For Me Last Week

I recently went to a hardware store to grab a couple things for working on my pick up truck camper, and the cashier asked if I had a student ID. Luckily, I found it a little while ago and threw it in my wallet.



I pulled that bad boy out and bam! saved me 10%. 


Not bad for flashing a picture of me as a tiny freshman compared to the late 20's guy I am today. So even though you are years out of school, keeping that student ID with you can pay itself off in a few trips.




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