The Chrome Extension That Finds Codes and Coupons at Checkout


"Technology Is Awesome", Said My Wallet

Google Chrome has an extension that solves the problem that many of us face. At that crucial point when you’re buying something online and filling out your payment information, you see a section that says “APPLY PROMOTIONAL CODE/ COUPON HERE:”.

We’ve all seen it and we’ve all wished we had that little extra code to help save another couple bucks on airline tickets or those new pair of shoes. And for some of us who have conducted a last-minute search for those codes, our problems have been solved.


Welcome HONEY!


One Click and Submit

After you have added the HONEY extension to your Google Chrome web browser, it’s as simple as a click to get promotional savings and less money escaping your pocket. Depending on if the website you are ordering from has promo codes out there or not, HONEY will do all the looking. If the website does, then HONEY will find the best deal and apply the code to your checkout. All you had to do is click the HONEY logo when you saw the PROMO CODE box.

It’s as simple as that!

Hesitant about this extension, I tested it out. I went to and added a pair of boots to my cart. Nothing fancy or anything, just wanted to see my little HONEY logo at the top of Chrome light up and it did.

I went to checkout after adding the boots to my cart and saw the PROMO CODE button right there. I scrolled up and clicked the HONEY logo and BOOM! It found a few codes that would work. I clicked on the 15% off code and it automatically copies it. I then went into the PROMO CODE spot, pasted it in, and clicked accept.

And to my amazement (due to ease and that it actually worked), the 15% off was applied to my order. Not bad for 1 minute’s effort of adding HONEY. There was $5 saved in my pocket.


How Did I Ever Live Without It?

Even though I just added HONEY, I can see myself down the road questioning “How did I ever live without this?”. It’s so easy and effortless to have a click save me money. No more hunting and searching the web for a last-minute deal. HONEY not only saves me dough, but it will probably save a few frugal hours in my life. A perfect find!



Get Honey Here!




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