What Did We Do Before We Had Money


There Was a Time Before We Had Incomes

I did something over this past weekend that brought me back to my younger days and made me feel ‘alive’ again. Not only was it surprisingly fun, but it actually had a lot of positive health benefits too. As I said it made me feel ‘alive’ again and it was a great stress reliever. I was out there without a worry in the world and the feeling of the sun on my back.


I’m talking about something as simple as riding a bike.

When was the last time you went out and just rode around on a bike? Or what about the last time you hopped on a skateboard or roller-blades? How about the last time you just went out on an adventure?

It could seem like ages for some. But why is that? Why is it that something we did on a daily basis back in elementary school or middle school fade away out of our lives never to be seen again? Did we grow up? Did we finally become adults that we no longer needed to take those modes of transportation since we all have cars now? Or did we just become lazy?

Who knows? All I know, is that after riding around all weekend I realized that I missed it. Something so simple as riding a bike around the Boston scenery made me feel young again. Not only was it fun and healthy, but it was FREE.


What Else Is Out There

This brought me to question all the things that we used to do, that we no longer partake in. What else is there out there that we can do that doesn’t cost us a dime? Here’s a couple ideas that I thought up, but don’t settle for just these. Share any others that you can come up with, I’m just trying to get you thinking.


· Scavenge your cabinets and go out for a picnic
· Grab a book and just find some grass to enjoy it on
· Walk around town and explore
· Have a hammock? Find some trees to take a solid nap
· Take your basketball and find a local park
· Build a kite….or try
· Find a local museum or garden
· Grab a board game and hang out with friends
· Host a movie night
· Can Capture the Flag still be a thing?


It doesn’t matter what you end up doing but if you can find something enjoyable at zero cost to you, you’ll feel young again just like I did. And when you wake up tomorrow and check your bank account, you’ll be glad to see it just the way you left it.



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