3 Apps Combined to Create Monthly Side Hustle Income


How to Turn $0 into Monthly Income


Every time I have this discussion with  friends and family, it seems that the reactions are always the same: surprised and amazed. It's no hidden secret or sketchy money making scheme. It's simply a combination of 3 free apps used in conjunction with one another. The first app provides the funding, the second app transfers the funding, and the third app turns it into a monthly revenue stream. It's the power of all three working together that has created a simple monthly income on top of the income you normally make. The only difference is that this 'secondary' income is passive; meaning that it'll continue making you money whether you put in the effort or not.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said it perfectly, "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Here are the 3 apps:

  • Ibotta
  • Venmo
  • Robinhood

It is with these 3 popular apps that a monthly income can be created. Here's how its done.


The Process to Making Money While You Sleep

First, if you have already downloaded these apps then you're already on your way. However if you haven't, then you're
in luck. New users could start off with $8-$10 through utilizing each apps referral programs. So if you haven't downloaded these apps, I would hold off until you've read the whole post to take advantage of that free money. You'll be glad you did. 

Here's how it works:


Ibotta: This app allows you to make money simply by taking pictures of your receipts from everyday purchases. Each receipt could equate to as little as $0.25 or more than $30.00 (you can read more about this app through this earlier post). Ibotta will be the funding app with this 3 app process. You'll use the money you make from Ibotta to fund your money making side hustle. Although you trade your time by uploading receipts, the money you get from Ibotta is basically 'free' money. So it is perfect as the funding app.

Venmo: If you don't already use Venmo, here's a quick summary of what it does. Venom allows users to transfer money between friends and family for free. If you go out to dinner with friends for example, rather than having the server break up the check, one person can pay for the whole meal and send requests to everyone else for how much they owe. It is a simple electronic platform for IOU's. Simple as that. Here is how it fits into our equation: the money you make through Ibotta can be easily transferred to your bank account through Venmo. Venom is your transfer app. Once you've put the money into your bank account, then Robinhood will be able to use it to purchase your monthly dividend paying stocks.

Robinhood: The final and most important app of the 3 is Robinhood. Robinhood is an investing app. It was built to simplify a subject that may seem confusing for some and made the process free and easy to use (read more about it here). It is through Robinhood that will take the money you make from Ibotta and allow it to create monthly income. By investing the Ibotta money into monthly dividend paying stocks, you have now created a monthly source of income. 

Overview --> 

  1. Make money through Ibotta by uploading receipts.
  2. Transfer money from Ibotta to your bank account using Venmo.
  3. Utilize Robinhood to take the Ibotta money in your bank account to fund your Robinhood investing account.
  4. Use the money to purchase stocks that provide monthly dividend payments. Research on solid stocks is needed for this aspect.
  5. Repeat the process and watch the money come in every month.

It is as simple as that! It's the simplicity of the 3 app process that amazes my friends and family. I was able to combine the benefits of all 3 apps to now provide me a monthly paycheck. It's no miracle, just a little 'out of the box' thinking.


Proof of the Process

For those who are more of a 'see it to believe it', here are a couple images that may help:


I've accumulated $36.09 through this round of receipts. Through Ibotta, I transferred it to my Venmo and then to my bank account. As you can see, Ibotta pays each new person who signs up under your referral code and you'll get money as well.


Robinhood has the same type of program. However, instead of $5 cash, they give you a share of stock. Either something as small as Groupon, or something as big as Apple.


As you can see, with my friends signing up, we each got a free random share of a company. Cool thing is, after 2 days you can sell the share and use the money however you wish.


Finally, it is through finding shares that pay monthly dividends where you'll make your side hustle come true. Below are 3 stocks I have stake in. These are strictly examples. I am not suggesting these are the ones you should buy. You must do your research on what stocks are the right investments. See other posts on getting2zero to help guide you to picking solid choices. 

After funding these stocks with money from Ibotta and other sources, I have now created monthly income. The more I add, the more opportunity I have to grow those numbers.


As you can see with time and effort, you can create a side hustle. Out of all of the options for side hustles out there, I find this method to fit me just right. I make money through things I've already been doing and now I grow it through the comfort of my living room sofa. No running around dog walking, or picking up another shift at work. This is passive income at it's best.


How New Users Can Start Off with a Head Start

If you haven't downloaded Ibotta or Robinhood yet, doing so through the below links can get you some instant cash within the apps. Ibotta and Robinhood offer these referral incentives because their goal is to have as many people using their apps as possible, and they'll pay to get those new people to join. Everyone wins.

Ibotta: feel free to use this link here Ibotta App, or use code: vnhpbss when signing up.

Robinhood: feel free to use this link here Robinhood App for a free stock for signing up.





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