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All About?


What's going on future Zero? 


getting2zero in its most basic understanding, is a movement and mindset that gets you debt free in the quickest manner possible.  Living with debt should not be the norm and it doesn't have to be.

Throughout our whole lives, we've been told to graduate high school, go to college, and then get a great paying job. Yes, those objectives are important in the grand scheme of things, but they won't necessarily set you up for success like they have in the past. What has worked for our parents and grandparents no longer works for us. The system has changed and it wasn't in our favor.

Today, the process of attaining a 'successful' future has us paying for it; for most, it could take the next 40 years. I didn't want to be one to add to the statistics. That is why what took me 4 years to accumulate, only took me 4 years to get rid of. 

I am now living my life completely debt free



No more ball and chain.
No more 'having' to work the desk job.


 And no more having to live by anyone else's rules.




I have achieved what many wish to achieve: financial freedom.



I knew that my life would become much more enjoyable knowing that I had full control of whatever I wanted to do. The days of 'have to's' are long gone. No more working because I have to. No more paying bills because I have to. Anything that I do now, is a 'want to'.

Have you ever had the dream or discussion with your friends about winning the lottery? The feeling of never having to worry about money and aspirations on what you would do had you won. getting2zero is that exact feeling. 


getting2zero is the easiest lottery to win.



I've won it and now, I'm 21st century free. I have gotten to zero and I'm here to help you get there too. It's too great of a position to be in, to keep it to myself. Everyone deserves their own lottery.


Through getting2zero, I will share all that I can to help you tackle your debt and become a Zero as well. As much as I have enjoyed my journey thus far, it is now your journey that I am interested in. For me to be able to help at least one person will make all of this worth it. So when the time comes, I'll look forward to hearing from you. And when you do get to your 'Point Z' (find out more on that in "getting2zero: Debt Free with a College Degree"), I'll be there waiting to hear all about it.


Welcome and let's get you to Zero!


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