We Are getting2zero


Welcome! You have ventured through life with its ups and downs, its challenges and enjoyments, its good times and bad, and throughout all of the travels you have been through, you are finally here. Somehow, every choice you've made in life so far has guided you to this very website and to this community. Had you decided to make any other choice instead of the ones you've made, we probably wouldn't being having this conversation right now. But that didn't happen and now we're happy that you're here. Welcome to the world of getting2zero...you're journey starts now!

getting2zero is an expedited path to becoming debt free.It is also a communal mindset on how to attain that 'dream lifestyle' of leisure, travel and wealth. The only difference between the getting2zero group and everyone else in the world, is that we can get to that luxurious, worry-free lifestyle on an expedited path and in a fraction of the time.

Debt shouldn't be the reason why you wake up in the morning and clock in on that 9 to 5 job. It also shouldn't be an ominous shadow lurking over your shoulder for the next 30 years. Debt should be something we have struggled with but overcame. It should be something that is in the review mirror for the majority of our lives, not something we're headed towards.

By becoming a member of the getting2zero crew, you have taken the first step to truly 'free living'. You've made the decision to not follow the status quo of how prior generations achieved their freedom. You have decided that your dream lifestyle should be lived now and not postponed for another 30 years.

I am with you and we are with you. With getting2zero, you are now part of a community of like minded individuals that have the same desires as you. We will be your back bone and guiding hand to get to zero debt. And when that day finally arrives, we'll be waiting to celebrate with you on the other side. Because as much as you want to make it there, we want it more to see you there.

Are you ready? Then let's go.

Welcome to getting2zero!


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