...but don't let that stop you from exploring.
See what is in the works for getting2zero and what's in sight for the future. See something you're excited about or would like to see something else added? Then send over an email and share the love. 

getting2zero Gear

Sooner than later, you will be able to have your very own g2z gear. Not only will you look damn good in it, but it will be a statement to others on their path that you too, are on your way to ZERO. Something as small as a simple head nod can keep you pursuing your dreams. And who knows, maybe you'll be the inspiration for someone else.

Some things currently in mind:

FALL 2017  -  getting2zero: Debt Free with a College Degree






Truck Camping Adventures

Now that I am a ZERO, I will be documenting the process of not only building a truck bed camper, but also traveling the U.S. in it. This will show that you can experience all that the United States has to offer at the lowest possible cost. 

I've purchased a used 2004 Toyota Tacoma Reg Cab truck and have recently found a solid truck cap topper. Venture here to see the story line that goes with building a truck bed camper and the experiences that are gained through venturing out in one. 

Stay Tuned. I'm excited for this venture of getting2zero and I want to show just how easy and fun it is.




Become a Contributor


Want to begin your side hustle and 'turn your faucet into a waterfall'? 


Become a freelance writer for getting2zero and share some of your insights on the best ways to get to zero. See what it takes to become a part of the team and help add some greenbacks to your pocket.

Doing Our Part and Giving Back

The reason getting2zero was created was for me to share my insights on how I got to zero in such a short period of time. I wanted to help others and provide guidance & tips on how they too could tackle their student debt (and all debt in general).

What better way to help than to minimize that 'negative number' from the get-go? Thus I bring to you the:

 getting2zero Scholarship

I envision getting to a point where I can dedicate a percentage of profits/proceeds from sales and affiliate marketing to a getting2zero scholarship fund. I know, I wish I had this opportunity and I can bet that you did too. It only makes sense that if we can create this for future zero's, why not right? And think about it like this, every time you visit the site or purchase from the shop, you are helping others. Now that's a good thing.